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GEMME IRLANDE is a national non profit organization part of a European network which aims at gathering magistrates from member states either of the European Union or of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) including Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Iceland.

GEMME members think promoting and develloping alternative dispute resolution methods, and especially legal mediation, is a first requirement to make justice more efficient and pacific.

The association concerns professional or non-professional judges, whether in office or honorary.
It also concerns the courts in which these magistrates work, according to the possibilities given to them by the provisions governing them.

GEMME’s objectives

  • Promote, within each Member State of the Union, as well as within the EFTA, the rapprochement of judges working for mediation, with a view to strengthening and improving its practice.
  • Exchange, within each Member State of the Union, as well as within the EFTA, practices and experiences in mediation, conciliation or any other alternative dispute resolution method.
  • Contribute to the development of mediation and alternative dispute resolution methods, by participating in the reflections and work of the European institutions and those of the EFTA, by working to promote the teaching of mediation and alternative dispute resolution methods during law studies and the training of judges and lawyers, by making them known to professionals and citizens, by participating in the definitions of mediators’ training and by collaborating in it.
  • Support by any means the magistrates in their individual approach in favour of mediation and encourage their training with a view to its relevant and effective use, as well as any other alternative method of settling conflicts legally admitted.

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